Kamis, 09 Oktober 2008



This opinion wrote because of I am very nauseated about media news at this time. Maybe television media are too creative or lack of new idea. At this time, they are exploit social and political situation and develop it such like entertainment business.

Imagine that social and political issues created became gladness situation. At several television stations we saw how famine cases talked and discussed by expert or presenter in five stars hotel. It is indeed that they talks in relaxing atmosphere, serves by coffee, soft drink and companioned by piano music.

At one time, they talk about 21 women who died because of struggling zakat fitrah given by wealth person in Pasuruan Regency. The beauty presenter and other expert talked it with smile and giggling while debating what have just happening in Pasuruan. Sometimes they want to show that it was a tragic reality. Sometimes they also making jokes each other and try to break the ice at that forum. But it was a shame to talk 21 people died struggling Rp. 20.000,0 with un emphatic atmosphere.

Also there was another television station shows debate program about future leader in Indonesia. Just Like an artist, they sit at bar table. Two presenters and waiter discussed with the person who want to become next Indonesian leader. At the front of them, several people sit and watching the debate, just like in café or pub situation. It is indeed they looks like creative showing that program. But is it suitable when we are lack of qualified political leadership in relaxing atmosphere?

It is true that we could talk politics and social phenomenon in many situations. To make it relax, sometimes a serious topics could arranged in non formal condition. But Indonesian realities are in crisis. Peoples are in pseudo prosperous and in the middle of monetary and financial crisis. Thousands people in Sidoarjo sacrificed by Lapindo Brantas Corporation and thousands people in Ternate against each other mobilized by their local leader. Those situations needs to talk and discussed seriously.

We could not just passive while people hungry and facing uncertainty future. People’s life could not talk companied bye a glass of soft drink and coffee in lobby hotels or café situation. We know that television need to be increasing their rating, but they must consider norm and ethical ways. Do not make peoples life like a gossip or entertainment business. Placing our realities in suitable discussion atmosphere. If we are too relaxed debating social and political facts, it could be hard to change anything.

This opinion might be too emotional for others. But being democratic should not make everything funny or business oriented. Maybe you are not agree about my opinion, but please….life’s, land, and Indonesian future need to be take in serious ways. Don’t make it just entertaining discusses and debates by beauty presenter in a lobby fife stars hotel or café.

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